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How Can Twitter Help In The Job Search

Twitter can help you get a job

What do you use Twitter for?

Perhaps you follow celebrities, chat with friends, or you use it to receive News before anyone else does.

What about using Twitter to get a job?

Twitter can be a valuable tool, listing jobs in real time, giving you a head start over your competition.

I’m assuming you have an account if you haven’t I would suggest you open one today http://www.twitter.com

If you’re opening a Twitter account purely for your job hunt then have a Twitter handle that describes you & what you do..ie @MarketingMary @BankerBill @ITLisa @geeksue

Check your profile picture, does it look professional?  If it isn’t then it needs to be and don’t think you can get away with an avatar, that’s a definite no no, it has to be of you. There’s nothing worse than trying to have a conversation with someone who’s profile picture is of an egg, would you feel comfortable talking to an employer who’s profile picture was an egg? it doesn’t really scream professional, does it Read pimp up your profile for tips

There’s much more you can do now with Twitter backgrounds to really brand yourself. If you’re a dab hand at photo shop then design away. If not then if you go into settings > then design and from here you can change your header and your background

Make sure you have a good Bio with good keywords and include a link back to your professional online profile ( on jobhop!) where an employer can find out more about you

Start building a good network of people around you and let your Twitter friends know that you’re looking for a job, get them to look out for openings for you. Ask them to RT for you ( RT = retweet where someone will tweet your message for you ), remember it’s a conversation, be engaged, build relationships, do not spam. Find out who’s tweeting from the companies you’d like to work for, get connected, when a vacancy arises they’ll think of you.

Make some Twitter “lists” ie people/companies you’d like to work for, Recruitment people, Headhunters, job tweeters and then start to follow some #tags (#tags are groupings on Twitter, they’re used to mark topics in a tweet)

The main #tags to look out for are #jobs #careers #jobsearch #recruiting 

Recently #CV has become popular and now job seekers are using this tag to alert employers to their #CV a lot more

So #CV is a tag that you would create in your Tweet, not one that you would follow..ie

Project manager 8yrs for @MayGurney looking for a position in Construction http:// (link to your online profile ) #CV

Industry conference live streams have their own #tags & even if you’re not attending the conference you can still join in with the conversation and network as if you’re there, a great way to get some valuable contacts.

Check out @Tweetmyjobs  and @twitjobsearch for regular job postings and if you’d like to work for Twitter find out what jobs they have at @jointheflock 

Make sure you tweet about your expertise, include influential people in your tweets and tweet links to your blog posts where potential employers can find out more about your skills/knowledge/craft. Answer questions, doing this will help you become a position of authority, if you don’t know the answers then google them!

Remember to use a few tools to manage and measure like TweetDeck or Hootsuiteand with these all on your phone you can constantly be kept up to date with any job opportunities that arise on Twitter.

Don’t get left behind, get tweeting, your next job could be just a tweet away 

Julie Bishop   Founder of Job Hop  

Follow me on Twitter   @jobhopjulie