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How To Get A Job At A Cool Start Up


Get a job at a start upTodays start up could be tomorrows Facebook, who knows, but it’s also risky, are you the type that likes adventure?



That’s the excitement of working at a start up, it could be a humungous success, it could be a flop, what ever way it’s experience.

Be prepared to work hard, work unsociable hours, do everything, have no structure, drink lots of coffee and see your social life merge into your work life, it will become as one.

You’ll be working “with” a start up not “at a” start up, I say this as it will become you, you’ll  be expected to live and breathe the start up, it’s intense. Of course it will be driven by the founder but everyone around the founder will have as much drive and passion as him/her does minus the risk. Read about Intrapreneurs to give you an idea of what’s expected.

You wont be doing it for the money, the salary will probably be very low, sometimes you might have to wait a while to get paid, you may even get paid in shares.

One thing you really must understand is the culture of the start up, if you don’t understand the culture then no matter how good you are you wont get in. Your ideas, passion, values, beliefs have to be on the same wavelength as the start up, it’s founder and all that work there already. If the start up is to succeed it has to make sure everyone has the the same vibe and vision, it will not accept anyone who could throw a spanner in the works.

So you think working at a start up is for you, how do you get your foot through the door of one?

One thing to remember is that these guys don’t have money for recruitment so you need to find them.

How to be a “Start-up-er”

Join start up groups on Linkedin

Get your profile up to date on Linkedin and get into the many start up groups on there. Join in with the discussions, follow people from interesting start ups which align with your ideas and connect with them

Join meetup.com

Join meetup.com, it’s completely free to join, once you have search for start ups. It will give you all the start up groups in and around your area, you can check other areas too. When you join these groups you’ll get the facility to upload your bio and say what you want from the group, here you can mention that you’d like to network with start ups with perhaps the possibility of working for one.


Check out business networks, go along and get chatting. You’ll find that many business networks or either free or they’ll be a no charge for the first visit so make a point of getting to some. Business networks are usually held pre work hours so expect a 7am start or after work usually 6pm start.


Google start up shows, digital start up shows and business exhibitions, there are many of them, the best ones held in London, usually at The Excel or Earls Court or in Birmingham at the N.E.C. Get along and network, chat to as many people you can, collect their cards, their numbers, their twitter names, anything where you can carry on chatting with them and start to build a relationship with them.

Be clever

Make a list of start ups and interview their founders on a Google Hangouts on Air. Tell them it’s a fifteen minute interview where you’ll ask them questions about what they do. Any founder of a start up will want to talk about their business, they’ll be flattered, plus it’s creating awareness for their business. Doing this will open doors for you, if you decide it’s a start up you’d like to belong to you can go back to them, you’ll find asking for a coffee and a chat will be easy.

Be an intern

Offer your services as an intern for a 3-6 month project, you may have to outline the project for them. They may offer you a position at the end of it, if not you’d have experience working with a start up which you could take with you to your next start u

What start ups can you think of where you’d like to work?

Julie Bishop Jobhop.co.uk

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The Business Show And Why It’s Good For Job Seekers

jobs at exhibitions

Last week the biggest business show was held at London ExCel, appropriately called The Business Show.

If you follow the #tbs2013 on Twitter you can catch up on some of the activity that happened during the two days.

The Business Show got me thinking, there’s hundreds of businesses exhibiting and over 25,000 people attended, mainly business people looking at ways of improving or expanding their business, what an opportunity for a job seeker.

Just think of the amazing networking opportunities job seekers would’ve had if they’d been at The Business Show.

This is what I would’ve done if I was a job seeker :

  • Booked my free ticket ..yes the ticket was free and that’s the case for many trade fairs
  • Checked the exhibitor list and circled the ones that I wanted to target
  • Got onto Twitter and started to network with my targets
  • Followed the shows official hashtag #tbs2013 and started networking, organised a few tweet ups
  • Planned out my two days to make sure that all my targets are met
  • Made sure all my online profiles are up to date
  • Got some business cards done.. the business cards would’ve stood out e.g Professional photo of myself with a tagline “I want to work for you” & all my platforms they can find out more about me on it
  • Collected their business cards and made a date to follow them up
  • Immediately said on Twitter how great it was to meet them
  • Connected on Linkedin asap
  •  Entered all the contact information into a CRM like JibberJobber/ Connected HQ or Capsule ( if you have the new version then Linkedin )
  • I would’ve then emailed them a couple of days after the show.

Job seekers have to start thinking of different ways to get in front of employers and going to shows like The Business Show will help.

I would advise you to look at all the trade fairs that are going on in the U.K in your industry, follow the advice above, book your ticket and get yourself along to them.

Julie Bishop Founder of Jobhop

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pic credit Exhibition news  Recommend to check out this site for when and where events are taking place


Building Relationships Can Get You A Job

Relationships help get you a job



Is it about who you know when looking for a job? In a nutshell yes, it’s about building relationships.

65% of jobs are filled by recommendations so it definitely pays to make relationships. 

Job seeking doesn’t have to be continuously waiting for the next new job to appear on the job board or in the classifieds

Just think about it for a while

How much time do you dedicate to ringing up job vacancies?

How much time do you dedicate to posting off your CV?

How much time do you invest in making relationships?

What’s amazing is that not much time is dedicated to the last one at all and the reason usually given is that it doesn’t leave much time to Job hunt!

It’s time to have a relationship building strategy in place and it could be something like this:

  1. Connect with 3 new people a week on Twitter. Make sure these people will be in the industry that you want to break into.
  2. Go to one network a week. It doesn’t just have to be a business network it could be the P.T.A, a ramblers network, a book club network or a charity network. All these new people you start chatting with all know other people.
  3. Go and volunteer one day a week at the local dogs home, hospital, riding stables, community radio station, community TV stations
  4. Learn something new This is great because you’re learning a new skill plus networking and building relationships with everyone on the course.

You can also try reconnecting. Remember that boss from many years ago, what’s he/she up to now? For all you know he/she has moved to another company and they’re looking to fill a position with somebody just like yourself.

Remember all your colleagues that you use to work with also, what are they up to?

How about the people you use to go to school with, what sort of careers did they get to do? Is there something which aligns with what you want to do?

You know that if you were working in an organisation who were looking for someone just like the person you play badminton with, would you keep it to yourself? No! and that’s why building relationships work and that’s why most jobs are never advertised.

It’s about who you know.. it always has been and always will be 

Julie Bishop  Founder of JobHop

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25 million people are using branchout on facebook

I seriously think BranchOut is a  better job seeking app than BeKnown and 25 million people agree.

This month Branchout hit the tremendous figure and say that out of the 25m accounts registered 13.3m are active monthly users! Currently new users are signing up at a rate of 3 per second and it’s currently the fourth fastest growing app on facebook

Branchout is hosted on Facebook and is a great app and especially for all of those people that think Linkedin is just for business people.

The Guys at Branchout like to think of themselves as the professional network set within Facebook.

Branchout Founder and CEO Rick Marini says “We power the professional profile for the Facebook generation. Online networking is not just for managers and executives. New college graduates, retail workers, nurses, software engineers and military veterans re-entering the workforce can all benefit substantially from having strong professional profiles on Facebook.”

Branchout allows you to follow companies where your friends work, so if a job vacancy becomes available you have a foot in the door, hopefully your friend will refer you.

The Branchout strap line is “It’s not what you know it’s who you know” and it’s true, the  fact is most job vacancies get filled by referrals.

Check out Branchout 

It’s easy to set up a Branchout profile (as long as you’re on Facebook) it literally copies all your work history, jobs, employers etc from information that you’ve set up on Facebook.

Once that part is done then it will encourage you to add friends, you can then add friends of friends and so on.

If you’ve spent years building your facebook network it would make sense to use it when it comes to jobseeking & Branchout gives you the ability to make the process a whole lot easier.

Julie Bishop  JobHop

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Networking to get a job

Networking to get a Job.

I’m on the radio in the morning talking about networking to get a job & thought I’d also write a Blog about it.

In my mind I’d mentioned networking many times and I’d actually thought a few times too many, but I still get people saying to me they don’t get it, or they do get it and there’s no way they can do it!  Then the lovely Neil from Future Radio said could I please talk about it in more depth and I realised then, there is an obvious need to know how to network effortlessly to get a job, or at least an interview.

Lets start at the real basics and work our way up, so what is a network?

A network is just a group of people and by human nature we like to be included in groups, we are social characters, that means you are most probably already networking!

That was easy…The end!

Lets have a look at where you may be already networking:

Parties, School gates, Gym, Dog walking, Evening class, PTA, Volunteer groups, Swimming, Book club, Weight watchers  etc etc..

See it doesn’t just have to be Business networking, a lot of people think that to be able to called a networker you need to be attending Business networking groups, wrong. However I’d recommend that you do try business networking to get a job, business networking can get you in front of many potential employers. I’d say try a business network and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Now just take 10 minutes and go through all the people that you know, you will surprise yourself how many contacts you have, then you’ll start to see that networking to get a job isn’t so hard after all.

Do all of these people know that you’re looking for a job? Have you told them exactly what you’re looking to do..ie “ I’m looking to be an events organisor for a relatively new company that’s really wanting to get it’s product noticed by it’s market” rather than “I need a job”

If all your contacts know exactly what you want to do then they become your sales force, the minute they hear of something that matches the information you’ve given them then they’ll be back to you in a shot if they think there’s a chance.

The thing is you must tell people or how do you expect them to help?

Just think of all the people you know and then think of all the people they know, now are you getting how powerful networks and networking can be.

If you think you can’t possibly do that because it’s being pushy, think of it as asking for help that isn’t being pushy and do you know what? People like helping people so make the most of that!

Ask advice seeking questions ie “ what would I need to do to get a job in a company like yours” “who do you think I should send my c.v to?” Hopefully your contact will say he/she will take it in for you!

Remember a lot of jobs just don’t get advertised that should give you the incentive to find the “hidden job market”

If you find that “hidden job market” via your contacts then hey presto you’re one step ahead of any competitor. If you have a good relationship with your contact they will recommend you via the best way ..word of mouth and one of the oldest sayings is just so true “people do business with people they like” … Recommendations usually get you the job.

Once you have compiled your database of contacts then keep on top of it, regularly keep in touch with them and keep information up to date.

Always follow up new contacts, target yourself to getting 5 new contacts a week (5 is just a guide) make notes about Birthdays and any notes that you feel are relevant to the relationship. Remember that networking is two way so if you can do something for them then they are much more inclined to want to do something for you.

A few tips I will give you is try and network at trade fairs in the field that you are looking to get into.

Have a shorter networking C.V that you can freely give out..a real punchy edition with “read more @ www.jobhop.co.uk   for instance

Or if you want to be really super whizz get some business cards made up with your full C.V into a QR code on the front…so all someone needs to do is scan the code to find out more about you.

Keep all your contacts on www.jibberjobber.com  A nifty tool that allows you to organise contacts, network events, what jobs you’ve heard about, maps interviews and an expense tracker…I like very much!

Try and make it 2nd nature to network, make it a habit…Become your own agent!!

Happy networking

Julie Bishop Founder of Jobhop

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