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The Extraordinary Job Seeker

Job market and the extraordinary job seeker

There’s job seekers and there’s extraordinary job seekers, there’s a massive difference.

Extraordinary job seekers are looking for every opportunity to get a connection, to get a lead on an opening, to get in front of employers. Extraordinary job seekers never wait for a job to come to them and never wait for jobs to be advertised.

Some extraordinary job seekers 

Alex Brownstein

This guy targeted 5 employers and bought ads on Google. When these employers Googled themselves they would see Alex’s advert saying Hire me with a link back to examples of his work. This tactic resulted in 4 interviews and 2 job offers, genius!

The Google Job Experiment

Mark Leruste

I’ve mentioned Mark before and actually interviewed him for jobhop. Read the Mark Leruste interview Mark created a video because he wanted to create an impact, plus he wanted to grab a particular managing directors attention

Graeme Anthony

Another person who used video to attract employers, he didn’t post immediately on the web though, he sent the video directly to companies and had a job before the video went public. When it did go public on Youtube, he received so many job offers that he thought it would actually make more sense to go freelance!  Graeme Anthony CV video

Andrew Horner

The disrupter, he created a website where employers were encouraged to apply for him! How many times do you think he heard from cynics, saying you can’t do that, that isn’t how it suppose to work? Well it did work he received 44 offers and accepted one of them, so next time you have an idea that goes against the grain, try it.

Andrew Horner’s reverse job application

Alex Kearns

In 2009 Alex wanted a job so much that he mounted the fourth plinth in Trafalgar square and put his credentials on a 10ft high CV. It worked he got a job as a sales executive selling consultancy services. Alex on his plinth

So there’s some extraordinary job seekers, how extraordinary are you?

Blog post credit goes to Elliot Symonds who coined the phrase  “The Extraordinary Job seeker”

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Facebook job targeting

Facebook job targeting                                           

When you look at the job adverts, in papers, magazines, job boards off line as well as on line had it ever crossed your mind to place an advert yourself?

Who is going to see my advert you may ask and admittedly if you place one in a shop window, a paper or a specific industry magazine then you are leaving it mainly to chance. The chance that the right person from the right industry, who is recruiting or collecting for their talent pool is in the right place at the right time to see your advert.

What if your advert can land right into the right persons lap, the chance that they would see it and read it would be far greater.

This is where Facebook job targeting becomes a great tool to use.

People just give information away freely on Facebook, it’s a marketing persons dream.

For instance if you have a Facebook profile and one of the interests that you stated was playing hockey, I bet you see a few adverts trying to sell hockey sticks.

If you liked a page  “like” cross country runners, how long do you think it will be before you’re looking at running shoes that you somehow came across on Facebook!  It’s all such a coincidence..let me tell you something “there is no such thing as coincidence”

So how does Facebook job targeting actually help you get a job?

Using Facebook adverts can get you in front of decision makers at companies you want to work for or in front of like minded people who can help you.

Facebook never asks for Job titles when anyone opens an account on it’s platform however it is part of a users identity so more often or not it is used somewhere.

So when you are placing your advert and you are working out the demographics ie you want your advert to reach people who live in London  Age 35+ who like.. veterinary surgeon, veterinary, manager, partner, director, owner, veterinary medicine

Then you know that your advert is going to get in front of owners, partners, directors in veterinary or other veterinary people that can connect you.

Remember that the reason people love Facebook is because it’s social so you must keep the advert social, this all helps with your edgeranking on Facebook..like a score system which I won’t go into now. So how do you keep it social & professional? perhaps have a poll..in this case symptoms of a sick animal & a vote A or a vote B to what they think it could have. Then a link to ..Check out what Paul has to say about the prognosis and this links to a nice video of you chatting about the symptoms, what it actually is & what you prescribe. All of this is to get someones attention, by watching you in video they have connected with you & under the video you will have a personal Bio, your c.v a link saying Job offers here with a link to your e mail address.

So when your chatting to old school buddies on Facebook next give some thought to what you can really achieve with Facebook.

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